Club Fitting

Ever felt like your club just doesn't feel right?

We offer a high quality club fitting service in order to help you find the ideal club for your swing. Using the wrong club for you can seriously impact on you game and could mean you're losing distance, direction and control of your golf ball! Luckily for you there's nothing we can't do and with a variety of your favourite brands, you can create the perfect club for you.

But How Do We Do It?

Using state of the art Trackman IO we can capture all the club data you could possibly need including club head speed, swing path, face direction and lots more.

You can book a custom fitting down below!!

What Does Custom Fitting Looklike?

Custom fitting with us couldn’t be easier. When you book a session with Janice she will first take a look at your swing before asking you some questions about your golf game, what your misses are and what shot shape you like to see. You will then try a range of clubs whilst Janice makes small but important tweaks guiding you in the right direction to find the best driver, irons, wedges or putter for you.

If you want to find out more there is an example of a custom fitting in our studio on our Instagram page @janicearnoldgolfguru

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